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As one of the main providers of Invisalign® in Hesperia, CA, the team at Wheeler Dentistry will take pleasure in boosting your self-confidence by improving the appearance of your teeth.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a clear, subtle, and a highly-effective alternative to metal braces. Younger patients are grateful for the chance to straighten their teeth without the reduced confidence that comes with having traditional, metal braces, and business professionals often prefer Invisalign® to maintain a professional appearance. While most of our Invisalign® patients are adults, we are happy to discuss the option with teenagers. We make sure that our younger patients understand the need to wear the appliance almost all day, every day. It is important to note that if Invisalign® is not worn consistently, ir will not produce the intended results.

In addition to being difficult for the untrained eye to detect, Invisalign® is so comfortable that patients often report forgetting that they are even wearing the product. Much of their comfort owes to the fact there are no wires to hurt your gums or cause cuts and abrasions in the soft tissue of your mouth. Invisalign® does an excellent job of keeping your teeth and gums healthy because they can be removed during eating and can be cleaned externally.

Why Choose Wheeler Dentistry for Invisalign®?

Dr. B. Thomas Wheeler (DDS) and Dr. Kevin T. Wheeler (DDS) are two of the most prominent certified providers of Invisalign® in Hesperia, CA. It normally takes up to three weeks for Invisalign® to send out a mold, but the team at Wheeler Dentistry will use the iTero digital imaging system to quickly create a digital mold in-office. The iTero system generates a 3D model of your mouth and illustrates the expected changes. We send this to Invisalign, and your aligner will be returned in as little as one week. Our digital mold takes the discomfort and mess of traditional mold-making processes out of the equation.

We have the technology to show patients many of the treatment steps in-office before you have receive your Invisalign, and this can be exciting for teeth straightening patients. We find that showing people their projected results increases their resolve to use the product in the proper way, and gives people a real sense of the wonderful results they can expect to see.

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If you would like to see whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign® in Hesperia, CA, call us today our use our online booking form to make an appointment request. We are also happy to discuss other types of cosmetic dentistry that we can provide, and we look forward to both enhancing your smile and improving your confidence.

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